About Us

Big data is actually getting huge with time and there’s no doubt that it will become a base of competition in the near future, comprising new waves of technology, innovation and new growth opportunities. Big data is not just about storing Zettabytes of data, it’s about enhancement of the businesses and societies.

 BigDataIQ magazine aims for the promotion and discussion of new ideas related to analytics, data science, machine learning, IoT, Artificial intelligence and everything else that comes in the umbrella of big data. It sees itself as the hub for thousands of budding data scientists and analytics professionals in the coming time.  BigDataIQ is the pre-eminent source of every news, video, info graphic, and trends among other endeavors occurring worldwide in the big data ecosystem.

BigDataIQ curates high quality content for its readers and tries to balance both the beginners and experts in the arena. And we’re open to just about anything- as long as it is related to big data and analytics. BigDataIQ believes in two way communication and is always open to the submission of articles, blogs, and opinions from its readers. Also, our multimedia approach to provide you with a better understanding of concepts through videos and info graphics is definitely going to offer a potentially powerful setting for you to learn and step forward towards the technicalities of the term.

The key objective of this website is to provide a complete online resource for every latest news in the big data. It examine the challenges facing big data today and at the same time, it also showcases the achievements big data has achieved in such a short period of time.

Also, we use our exceptional cross-industry knowledge to portray the latest trends in the hottest field of Big Data.

Basically, BigDataIQ is really about you. Ranging from latest discoveries to the most trending news, it’s about your opinions and your interests peppered with some of the work done by us including content, info graphics and videos.

Big breakthrough take big brains and innovative ideas. We put our heads and ideas together to curate what’s best for you, but still gravitate mostly towards your articles and submissions for interactive solutions and value additions.