Big Data and Analytics

Top 8 Case Studies of Companies Using Data Wisely!
Thursday, January 12, 2017 6:09:56 PM

In today’s scenario, where every company is on the lookout to get a competitive-edge in the market by leveraging the deluge of data, big data has become an integral part of every function. It has applications in almost every sector- ranging from healthcare to insurance and government among others.

There are some of the players that are already reaping benefits from the ‘big’ thing of the 21st century. The ideas and strategies that come from certain implementations can be adopted by other industries too. Some of the big players making most of the big data analytics include-

• Macy’s Inc.-

A department store chain, Macy’s Inc. works on the principle of real-time pricing by adjusting the prices in near-real time for more than 70 million products on the basis of inventory and demand. Using numerous technologies from the SAS institute, Macy’s has produced an Omni - channel strategy giving power to customers to order products through different channels and later pick their order from a store of their choice.

• Wal-Mart Stores Inc.-

When the mega - retailer store developed tools and technique to migrate their legacy data on Greenplum, Oracle and Netezza to their own developed systems, it was then that they first embraced big data solutions. Their platform, designed for returning relevant results relies on machine learning, text analysis, and data mining.

• T-Mobile USA-

By integrating big data techniques and tools into numerous IT systems, T-Mobile USA combines interaction data and customer transactions to predict customer defections risks. By leveraging the data generated from customers’ social media accounts, they integrate them with transaction data of customers from their billing systems and CRM to gain insights.

• Tipp 24 AG-

Tipp24 AG, a platform known for predicting and placing bets on lotteries, leverages big data analytics by using the KXEN software. The software analyzes almost everything ranging from customers attributes to billions of transactions across platforms. It helps the organization in developing predictive models which later help the company to personalize marketing strategies and target customers easily.

• Morton’s, The Steakhouse-

It all happened when a social media pundit tweeted his craving for his favorite steak from Morton’s. After discovering the tweeter as a frequent customer, The Steakhouse analyzed the data to find out what he usually ordered. When the customer reached the airport, his dinner was delivered by Morton’s!

• PredPol Inc. –

The police departments of Santa Cruz and Los Angeles, a company known as ‘PredPol Inc.’ and a group of educators together took an algorithm which was earlier used to predict earthquakes, tweaked it and started leveraging it and started fetching it with the data of criminals. Today, the software predicts the areas where crimes are most likely to occur.

• US Xpress-

Service provider of time-definite transportation services, US Xpress leverages integration products and data tools from its on-premise Informatica warehouse. By collecting numerous data elements ranging from GPS information to tire condition to fuel usage, the company uses this data to drive productivity and improve fleet management system saving billions in operating costs.

• Express Scripts Holding Co.-

A pharmaceutical benefit management firm, Express Scripts realized that patients who needed to take medicines on time were most likely to forget medications. This is when they came up with a new product comprising automated calls and beeping medicine caps to remind patients of their dosages.
Players already in the market leveraging big data models are reaping benefits. 2017 will bring myriad opportunities with itself, benefitting organizations in making more accurate decisions and predictions. Watch this space.