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Friday, May 19, 2017 11:33:18 AM

Scale Matrix, a top-notch provider of hosted and premise-based cloud services for big data workloads and HPC, recently introduced Dynamic Density Control (DDC) platform. Coupled with Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), it is known as GPU-as-a-service and holds the potential to deliver unmatched efficiency gains at a reasonable price point for demanding Artificial Intelligence, HPC, and Deep learning workloads.

“We feel delighted to offer GPU-as-a-service to our potential customers. This solution promises to provide a faster, less expensive and better option against Amazon P2 Instance. Its affordable price point will help organizations speed up their operations and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace”, Co-founder, ScaleMatrix said.

With this solution, Scalematrix provides a bare- metal cloud to servers with short-term and flexible payment models to premium servers. The solution offers direct access with the security and compliance needs of the user without the visualization or cloud overhead. From scalability to dense GPU power, this solution, GPU based cloud computing has certainly become a reality. When cloud-based GPUs are in the high demand, this solution is going to become an imperative part of the market in the coming years.

The specifications of this platform range from around 4-8 GPUs, between 64-128GB RAM and a secondary drive of 4TB SATA. The innovative solution can be implemented at a very affordable price- it could be as low as $1,400/ month, wherein, it meets the growing demand for extreme GPU compute processing among users these days.

Also, ScaleMatrix provides an improvement of around 29% on Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)- which plays a crucial role in handling the energy efficiency of various computing equipment- Which in this case is- the lower, the better. ScaleMatrix, the producer of GPU-as-a-service also provides technical expertise in several areas including Artificial Intelligence, Machine/Deep Learning, and HPC.