Monday, June 5, 2017 12:42:23 PM

The big data analytics integration vendor, Talend, that became public last year has recently announced its latest release with advanced tools to   automate the process of data preparation, a critical problem for customers in the enterprise domain. There’s no denying that companies are confronting a lot of challenges in keeping up the constantly growing amounts of data. Also, there are not adequate data scientists across the globe to fill the job roles. The situation demands advanced software platforms- and firms like Talend are aiming to help consumers process that data and later write applications to produce even data-driven business.

Right from its inception, the key role of Talend has revolved around offering an interface to generate a clean Hadoop code, eliminating the need of hand coding anything. Since then, the organization has been trying to simplify the entire process by offering an interface to handle data and produce a code which is compatible with Hadoop among diverse releases- be it MapR, Hortonworks, Amazon’s Hadoop service or Cloudera.

Among several issues focusing on the handling of data, one is to ensure that the new datasets are in a proper state for any application that you want to produce. When the source of data includes both external and internal varieties, the situation becomes problematic- which eventually requires a common vocabulary- but the creation of the same can be pain-staking and time-consuming.

The fact that data scientists spend most of their time in preparing the data has become pervasive now. The latest Data Preparation App powered by Talend lets its consumers/customers generate a dictionary- and later, by leveraging machine learning, it helps in automating the process of cleansing data-focusing on reducing the time frame that data preparation demands.

At the same time, the tool enables admins to execute a campaign in the data cleaning domain to authenticate the quality of data. This option allows users to log in and certify specific data sets and later put them aside in case they identify any problem. The app also provides an audit trail to review and track the activities so that there are enough balances and checks built in.