Artificial Intelligence

5 real-world applications of Artificial Intelligence
Friday, September 9, 2016 3:33:12 PM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) signifies a special branch of computer science that addresses intelligence showed by machines and software. It talks about the design as well as study of intelligent agents that are able to perceive the environment and act accordingly. This highly technical and specialized field is managed by some of the best minds and scientists who are exploring and bringing new changes. Several tools, including different versions of search and mathematical optimizations, methods based on economics and probability, logic, and others are used in this field.

The following are 5 examples of AI that we are using in our daily life.

  1. Video games: AI has been used in video games since long. However, over a period of time, effectiveness and complexity of these games have increased manifold. Nowadays, video games can learn anyone’s behavior, respond to various stimuli, and react in different ways. For instance, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, launched in 2014, is the most notable video game, as it provides individual personalities to every non-player individual.

  2. Smart cars: Self-driving cars are no more just a dream, instead they are inching closer to the reality. Two leading examples in this field are “self-driving car project of Google” and “autopilot feature of Tesla.” According to a report in the Washington Post, Google has developed an algorithm that could help self-driving cars learn driving as we people do—using their experience.

  3. Purchase prediction: Big retailers like Amazon can make lots of money once they start anticipating their consumers’ needs. Amazon’s anticipatory shipping program is expected to send you various items before you actually require them, totally obviating the requirement for any last-minute visit to the online/retail store. Although the technology is to be placed, brick-and-mortar retail stores are leveraging the same idea by using coupons. When you visit any retail showroom, you are often provided with various coupons that have been chosen using the predictive analytics algorithm. This can be utilized in different ways—like sending customers coupons, providing discounts, devising advertising and marketing plans, and preparing warehouse.

  4. Online customer support: Many websites now have the “Live Chat” facility. Interestingly, not all of them hire people for this facility. Most of the time, rudimentary AI is used for the chat purpose. Most surprisingly, all chat bots should be adept at comprehending natural language, which is undoubtedly a difficult proposition. Thankfully, the growing advancement of natural language processing (NLP) is leading to an improvement in these bots.

  5. Smart robots: Another good example of AI is smart robots. These robots can learn from the surrounding environment and experiences and then, build on their abilities on the basis of the knowledge gained. These robots can not only collaborate with human beings but also work in tandem with them and learn from their behaviors. Apart from manual work, cognitive activities can also be done by these robots. Gartner predicts that smart robots, software, and many other machines will replace humans in one in three jobs in the near future.

Besides, there are other areas where the use of AI is growing significantly. Some of them include intelligent digital personal assistants used on platforms like Windows, iOS and Android, fraud detection techniques, security surveillance, music and movie recommendation services, and various smart home devices. Increasingly, AI is becoming a part of our daily lives used in our smartphone, house, bank, car and other places and making our life easier and comfortable.